The Auroracoin 12 month and year-to-date analysis

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Auroracoin-ISK prices increased this past 12-month period benefiting from Bitcoin price growth and continued interest in Iceland and Iceland’s premier blockchain asset.

Auroracoin was one of a few dozen or so coins that weathered the BTC January downfall this January. It was not until late March that Auroracoin’s value against Bitcoin found its holding value.  Since then Auroracoin has matched bitcoin’s up and downs.
And for a while Auroracoin was trading solidly above 200 kronur.

As seen in this graph of Auroracoin and Bitcoin prices for January into March 2018 we can see that Auroracoin actually increased 80% in price against Bitcoin as BTC prices continued to decline from all-time highs in December.

From March onward we have seen a general correlation between Auroracoin and Bitcoin prices.   Year-to-date Auroracoin has risen 25.37% against bitcoin.

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