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Welcome to Auroracoin101

We are a team of individuals committed to building Auroracoin adoption and

strengthening user and merchant communities.

About Auroracoin101

Launchpad and Community Collective

We are rebuilding

Our site was corrupted during our hosting
providers recent migration. Oops!
Well, it was time for a fresh start.

We are volunteers

All Auroracoin Team members
are volunteers and are working for
the community.

Customer Support

We are here to help users and merchants.
Where is here ? In Iceland, of course 🙂
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Why Auroracoin?

Auroracoin is a well-known coin that serves the specific purpose of serving the nation of Iceland.

Sovereign.  Transparent.  Open-Souce.

Auroracoin Core Software is updated approximately every year or two, integrating the latest Bitcoin Implemenation Protocols (BIP).

We use the Electrum SPV network servers to provide Simple Payment Validation for wallets and services.


v18.1 compliant

Auroracoin Official Logo


Electrum logo

SPV network

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other coins at

Next Halvening !

Auroracoin block time is 61 seconds

Current Reward 1.25 AUR

Next halving, approximately July 23, 2023

Auroracoin Circulating Supply

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